I can’t believe the day has come! My baby is one year old!!! HOW!?!

August 1st, 2018:

Danielle, Zach, & I decided we wanted to go to the pool, so I third wheeled it. I needed to float because this baby was ready to pop and making it difficult to move. I was talking to Danielle about my dreams and how I kept having a dream that Avery was going to be born on the 4th, and she bet me the 3rd.

August 2nd 2018:

I went into my 39th week appointment with no worries in the world. This was the first appointment that Tyler was going to miss because he had a work lunch to go to. We were expecting me to be in and out like the visits usually were. Except for this time, we were very wrong. The previous week my blood pressure was high, but nothing they were concerned about. This week, however, I was the one concerned. I remember the tech saying anything over 140 was when they started to worry, I don’t quite remember what the number was, but it was right above 140 and the tech this week didn’t catch it. I asked my doctor about it, and she seemed confused because the tech didn’t say anything to her. She had them come back in and retake my blood pressure, and it was even higher than last time. I remember the midwife coming in and talking to me in a calm voice telling me that she was going to send me upstairs to the labor and delivery to have them check me out further. I remember her warning me that I should probably eat because if they do happen to admit me, I would not be able to eat after that. I instantly called Tyler telling him that I was dilated to 1cm and that my blood pressure was extremely high, I could not finish the sentence because I was so shaken. The midwife took my phone and talked to him for me and explained how I was being sent to labor and delivery to have them watch my blood pressure.

In my mind, I wasn’t going to be admitted, and I was so worried that I didn’t think twice about food (I wish I would have). I walk to L&D and instantly get greeted by Carrie, my Nurse friend. They take me to room 4 and strap me in basically. I had a stomach monitor, a monitor to check my blood pressure, and my heart rate.

One Reply to “My Birth Story”

  1. And now I’m crying 😭
    This is beautiful. I remember so much of this day from my end, but I don’t think we’d ever really went into detail on how much you guys went through from your point of view. I love this, and I love you.


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