Unpacking will be the death of me.

Our stuff shipped over from Germany really fast, it took about a Month and a half.

As boxes started consuming our home, we quickly realized how much stuff we are going to need to get rid of. As we unpack poxes, we turn around and like magic, more appear.

Nothing has a home yet, so there is stuff everywhere. Slowly, as boxes begin to dwindle down I find a tiny bit of hope that this house will become a home soon. However, the baby will not let me put her down, or she will not stop getting into things, which makes it very difficult.

Some of The things they packed & wrapped, blow my mind. My ENTIRE kitchen (cups, mugs, plates, bowls, pots, pans, etc.) we wrapped individually. That took an entire day btw.

When we are finally able to put Avery down to sleep at 7 pm, I finally have the chance to get things done… You’d think right. I take one look at those boxes and run the opposite direction.

With this view in your backyard wouldn’t you?

Today I was unpacking Avery’s room and an entire box was just nonsense. Stuff we could just throw away because we forgot we had it in Ramstein so what’s the use of it taking up space we don’t have.

Meanwhile, we are jumping at every chance to get out of the house and off base to explore this beautiful island we call home. We drove an hour down to Nago and went to this cool little ”Dino Park

Walking through this beautiful green park, that was definitely not stroller friendly I might add, just took your breath away. With the dinosaurs peeking through the shrubs of course.

Beautiful plants that I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of.

We then drove 5 minutes away to a place called pineapple park. And yes its what you think it is, a park about pineapples! There are many different species of pineapples but only a small amount of them are edible. we hopped on a little tram from the parking lot to the front of the park.

Decided to try some pineapple ice cream

avery was a fan

got on a little self-driving golf cart and toured around this ”greenhouse” looking at all of the plants.

They were interesting little parks I might say.

We are so lucky to have made friends so quickly and joined them on this cool little outing.

Now back to unpacking.

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