She slept for how long??!?

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We finally set up Avery’s crib today, and I am going to document EVERYTHING! I have a feeling that this is going to be quite the adventure and I already told Tyler I need his support 100% because I know I will lose my mind.

Back story:

Avery has never slept on her own, even in the hospital, she refused to sleep in her bassinet. It’s been a rough seven months for us, especially with PCSing. (Permanent change of station)

She needs moms boob and the crook of my arm to fall asleep.

We never bought a crib until we got here to Kadena. We had Avery sleeping in her halo bassinet for a good chunk of time while we lived in Germany, I’m not quite sure what changed.

Now, the moment we start putting her down into the crib/pack n play she instantly wakes up and screams. It hurts my heart to hear my baby cry, but they say not to pick them up. 💔 At what point do I just give up? (You don’t)

The first night:

Avery fell asleep in my arms, on my boob. First mistake!

You will not be rocking or feeding her to sleep. This is of vital importance! If she starts to drift off while eating, sit her up and wake her. She can shut her eyes while eating, but we don’t want her to fall asleep. You may need to turn the lights on if she’s drifting to sleep.

The moment I put her in the crib, she woke up and started crying. I walked out, closed the door and set a timer of 5 minutes. After 5 minutes I had Tyler go up and comfort her. He gave Avery her favorite stuffed animal “Mr. snuffy” the elephant. It seemed to help a little, she kept cuddling it and almost falling asleep but kept waking up.

After the 10-minute timer went off Tyler went back up and comforted her… that was a mistake because she was just riled up when she saw Tyler.

Ten minutes later shes OUT!

A total of 30 minutes the first night.

She fell asleep around 10:25 pm and slept until 3:06 am. I went in there and woke her up because my boobs were rocks and needed to be drained. She went back asleep instantly in her crib and slept until 6:25 am. I went in and picked her up and brought her to our room because I missed my baby. She fell asleep in my arms for about an hour and a half; then Tyler took her downstairs so I could sleep longer.

Night two:

We started Avery’s nighttime routine at 6:45 pm ish… I gave her some carrots; she played with her toys for a little while. We bathed her and washed her hair and body. Then I gave her some boob to settle down. When I noticed she was getting drowsy, I put her in the crib. She cried for a few minutes (maybe like 3), and when my 10 minutes alarm went off, I looked at the camera, and she was already asleep.

There’s no way it’s this easy; I’m waiting for the shoe to drop. tyler looked at me and said “I think it’s long overdue”

I don’t know what to do with myself! I never have free time anymore. I wish I had my crafting stuff. I can’t wait for that to come!

Avery went down at 7:25 pm and slept for 4 hours and 45 minutes! My boobs were ROCKS. She went down instantly with no crying. Slept 5 hours and 55 minutes!!! I went in and picked her up so we could have some cuddle time before she went downstairs with dad.

Night three:

Nightly routine started a little early tonight by 20 minutes. Food, play, bath, boob, crib. She cried for 2 minutes and decided it wasn’t worth it. Ruffled around a little bit and fell asleep after 10 minutes. This child slept 11h:55m!! She has never EVER slept through the night! Oh, man was it nice. I had to make sure to put the Brest pump next to my bedside and had to pump at 1 am. (I pumped 6oz which is a lot for me) I was so nervous about this process and was dreading and making excuses for seven months. This girl has gone above and beyond my expectations and I always tell her how proud of her I am. Because mama finally (almost) got a full nights sleep. Which has never happened since she’s been born.

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