I’m not quite sure how most moms do this self-soothing thing. It’s exhausting and heartbreaking.

We don’t have any furniture, but we kept our pack n play. We were starting to have my daughter sleep on her own before they packed up our stuff but have been slacking. YAY 😒 we’ve tried the cry for five minutes, soothe, then cry for another five minutes. But she just keeps working herself up and up and up until she’s screaming her lungs out at this point. So I gave in and picked her up INSTANTLY stopped crying. What am I supposed to do?

I know about the 4S’s. Swaddle, suck, shhh, & swing, they just work her up more; she had quite the demanding personality ill give her that. She’ll fall asleep in my arms, and the moment I put her down shes awake, doesn’t matter how dead asleep she is.

She’s seven months old now & I have been making too many excuses on why she still sleeps with me. ”we don’t have a crib.” or ”shes never going to be this small again she has her entire life to sleep alone.” or ”its easier on me so I can just roll over and breastfeed.” or ”its just not worth fighting her on it.” All good excuses yes! But when you & your husband can no longer sleep in the same bed because the baby is a bed hog… I mean enough is enough.

Right now she falls asleep while breastfeeding but I also want to break that habit so hubs can put her to bed sometimes. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL

Don’t get me wrong, at some point she was sleeping in her bassinet & we had a good routine going for us, but then she had a leap, and I gave up too quickly because it wasn’t ideal.

I’m just a mom trying to survive here. But I also know that at some point I need to start being the parent and make her sleep on her own.

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