My bestie Abbie just wrote a blog about her birth story, and it made me want to do one as well. But then I thought to myself, I feel like my birth story would be awesome to publish on Avery’s first birthday (if I last that long). SO here I am (should be going to sleep) thinking about my pregnancy and how much I miss it. NO IM NOT PREGNANT! Nor do I plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. Just to clarify. Anyway, pregnancy was my absolute favorite and although it went by super duper fast the last month lasted years. I was pregnant for 39 weeks and two days, and then my birth story happened (but we are saving that for another time). Let me add that Before I was pregnant, I was terrified of needles… I’m definitely not anymore.

Very faded positive pregnancy test

I found out I was pregnant at 3.5 weeks which is super early apparently. The Sunday after Thanksgiving 2017. The pregnancy test was super faded, and I needed a flash to even see it. But I instantly cried even though it could’ve been a false positive (which it wasn’t). Tyler asked me to wait another three days to take another one because Google said to. I waited two days because I just couldn’t wait any longer, and there they were, my beautiful two VERY DARK lines. I couldn’t wait to tell Tyler, so I was “running errands” on base & wanted to drop something off. I had made him an announcement basket.

We waited until Christmas to announce it to our families which was amazing. I made shirts that said “grandma” “grandpa” “uncle” & “aunt.”


The first trimester for me was relatively easy, no morning sickness (i got lucky) & no crazy cravings. I will say that my prenatal pill made me throw up 🤢 and any meat. I was vegetarian my entire first trimester. We waited the full 12 weeks to announce my pregnancy to social media & some people caught on quickly.


The second trimester went by so fast as everyone said it would. However, it was my absolute favorite! I felt her first kicks, we found out her gender, and saw her ultrasound many times ( we had to ask at every appointment). At twelve weeks I had a very vivid dream that I was going to have a girl, and her name was Avery, so throughout my pregnancy up until we did our gender reveal I called the baby her. At 20 weeks we were able to do a gender reveal, and it was everything I expected it to be (even tylers face was priceless)


As my belly grew, my love for this unborn child was unreal, and I couldn’t imagine how much love I could genuinely have for her once IT finally had a name Avery Madison.


The first half of my third trimester was still amazing, and I honestly did not understand why anyone would want to “get this baby out” until the heat wave came.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Germany doesn’t have air conditioning & my house had A LOT of stairs. By the end of my pregnancy, I was READY. We would go to the commissary and slowly walk each aisle because it was the only building in Germany that had air conditioning.

We were walking half miles around our house every day. This baby needed to come out. Little did I know that she was going to make her grand entrance SOON after this picture was taken.

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